Porsche Approved

The best thing about legends is that they are timeless.

Over time, we develop and collect memories. We cherish the things that have inspired us and proved their worth to us. A Porsche is no different. From conception, its goals were to deliver pure driving pleasure, impeccable quality and absolute engineering integrity. An Approved pre-owned Porsche delivers this dream precisely as it was intended.
The Porsche Approved commitment means that the pre-owned Porsche you are buying has been returned as close to its original condition as possible. We only ever fit Genuine Porsche parts and each vehicle is meticulously prepared by our expert Porsche trained technicians. You are buying a 100 % Porsche. Our provenance checks verify every car’s history, while the Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Assistance provide complete peace of mind and absolute proof of quality.
Buying an Approved, pre-owned Porsche means that your dream will remain unbroken. In fact, we are so confident in our high standards that we put our name on it: Porsche Approved.
Porsche Approved guarantees:

  • A minimum of 12 months Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Assistance
  • The vehicle meets the Porsche preparation standards
  • The vehicle has been inspected in compliance with our 111-point checklist
  • All work has been performed by Porsche technicians
  • Only Genuine Porsche parts have been used

Please click below to see all Porsche Approved vehicles available at our Porsche Centre. If your desired model is not available at present, please contact our Pre-Owned Car Consultant.

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